Construction & Development

Thomas Management has successfully received entitlements and approvals for over 20 projects. Since being founded in 1976, we have never had a project not be approved by government officials because of our hard work and refusal to cut corners.
Between our diligent site selection process and timely pre-development meetings with local jurisdictions, we have covered all the bases for a smooth approval process. We are familiar with the requirements and standards of projects in today’s development world, making us the ultimate choice in self-storage development.
There are many disciplines involved to bringing a project to approval which include financing, design & engineering, governmental standards, feasibility, and marketing. We thoroughly vet all projects and understand the value of pre-planning and due diligence when working to bring your vision to life. We invite you to watch the video below to see our construction team in action!

Thomastown Builders, Inc. is the general contracting company within our management organization. It was started on October 7th, 1976 by Thomas Smith, and was launched into great success. We specialize in the construction of self-storage facilities and Industrial buildings and never shy away from a project. With over one million square feet built in the past 40 years, we understand our product and are excited to bring that expertise to the table for you. Due to our commitment to detail and extensive knowledge in all aspects of self-storage, we are able to deliver high quality projects on time and under budget.
Thomastown Builders has it’s own fleet of equipment, machinery, and a large team of construction professionals to help expedite the scheduled completion date and save on end-costs. We are very proud to say that Thomastown Builders has never had a project go over budget or past it’s scheduled completion because we rely on our exceptionally skilled workers and proven techniques from start to finish! In the engineering and development phases, we utilize Microsoft Project to give us an estimated completion date and work up from there while our accounting and draw request are implemented through our Yardi Construction software. Schedule an appointment with us by calling (916) 633-6500 to discuss why having these systems at our disposal can drastically help your idea come to fruition!